About Us


Founded in 2019, WOLFFTHELABEL is a bespoke, made to order clothing brand owned by Spanish designer Pilar Rubio.

A brand with an innovative vision for the fashion industry that promotes values of freedom, empowerment and expression, particularly relevant given the tumultuous developments in the world of the 2020’s, tailored towards stylish and fashion conscious women. Despite the feminist ethos of WOLFF THE LABEL, the designs cater men too.

WOLFFTHELABEL focuses on creating timeless, edgy and bold designs that empower and boost the confidence of the wearer, whilst delivering the highest quality staying at its core. 

Made in the UK and sustainable, a crucial factor undoubtedly differentiating from others on the market. This means that they are free from any factory cruelty, slave labour, and environmental violations, injustices occurring even in 2020.



Dear ladies and gentlemen shopping at our site, welcome to a new community. I started this brand with the belief that loyalty, power, freedom and compassion are the core of everything I do, and now the reason why I have created WOLFFTHELABEL. I aim to spread confidence through my designs. I introduce you to a new world of sexiness and power, where there are no limits of expression, a community of creative, empowered, caring, hardworking, ambitious young people.  

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